Developer Direct - Byte Size (Season 4)

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FireDAC is a powerful set of components for native support of the most popular database engines. In this session, learn about the power of FireDAC and how it can speed up you applications



FireDAC overview

Overview of FireDAC and Getting Started articles, inlcuding links to other articles on DocWiki

Developer Direct Season 4 FireDAC Demos

Visual Live Bindings


Visual Live Bindings open up a powerful way to bind data from datasets or objects directly to the UI or eachother. Learn in this session how to use objects like data sets and how to use non data aware controls as if they were data aware.



Developer Direct Season 4 Visual LiveBinding Demos

Mind your Language!


The object pascal language is a truely modern, feature rich language. While we will only scratch the surface in this session, learn about some highlights of the rich language features available including Interfaces, Generics and much more.



Implementing Interfaces (introduction)

Article on DocWiki introducing Interfaces, and how to code with them and to use them.

Code Samples

Code examples for commonly used members of the FMX, VCL, and RTL libraries

Delphi and Unicode - with Marco Cantu

PDF White paper to download covering Delphi and Unicode. Ideal document for those moving from versions before Delphi 2009 upto the latest editions.

Delphi Language Example Sample Code

Cloud Clients (BaaS)


Learn how to seemlessly work with JSON data packets, including OAuth, OAuth2 and automatic conversion to datasets of JSON arrays, often with no more than 1 line of code.



REST Client Library

The Embarcadero REST Library is a framework for accessing REST-based web services (REST stands for Representational State Transfer). The library is available for all platforms that are supported by Delphi.

BaaS Webinar - Featuring David I

Watch this webinar to learn about how to use the BaaS components with Parse and Kinvey including full setup of Push notification for Android and iOS

Parse & Kinvey

Parse and Kinvey provide backend services that you can easily integrate via the components in the RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder or Appmethod

App Tethering


AppTethering allows you to build a link between two applications. Learn how this is possible and the power this provides not only on the local network, but when linking mobile applications into deskop systems



Going Mobile


Android and iOS development is easy to do today with C++ or Objective Pascal - See it in action in this session.


Tutorial - Set Up your Development Environment for the MAC

The first half of this tutorial describes the steps that you need to perform in order to run your iOS application on the iOS Simulator on the Mac. The second half of this tutorial describes additional steps required in order to run your iOS Application on your iOS Device

iOS Tutorials - Get aheaed with this list of iOS Tutorials

The following tutorials illustrate how to use RAD Studio

Mobile Tutorial: Creating a FireMonkey Mobile Application (iOS and Android)

This topic describes how to create a "Hello World" FireMonkey application for the iOS or Android target platforms.

Summer School (Mobile) 2013 XE4

Join the Embarcadero team for 6 x 1 hour lessons online covering the basics of Delphi Programming for mobile, covering the basics from UI design and local file access right the way through to Multi-tier development